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Alpha Integra Indonesia is dedicated to support organizations in all sectors.

You can’t come to a decision unless you have reliable information for making it. Therefore, we provide professional insights to your decision-making process.

Establishing partnership with a commercial entity is somewhat a delicate process involving numerous considerations. In order to anticipate potential risks emanating from future partnership, it is always better to know with whom you are dealing with before going ahead with a positive decision.

Alpha Integra Indonesia provides assistance to your decision-making process through information gathering on entities under your supervision and evaluation. Moreover, our corporate due diligence shall also help you to gather insights on respective local regulations, languages, customs, and other information that are not available on open source.

Every company expects to hire employees who are not only skilled but also possess positive track records and high level of integrity as well. Alpha Integra Indonesia understands how recruitment process might be of critical importance when it comes to determining who will become the next future leader in your company.

During the selection phase of your recruitment process, we will assist you in doing verification on the candidate’s personal identity, employment background, expertise, professional reputation, and eligibility to work as part of your team.

The screening service includes verification on candidate’s educational and professional qualifications, reputation on previous working places, as well as litigation, police, and residential checks. This service is available for fresh graduate, staff, managerial, and key executive levels.

Intellectual property rights violation is detrimental towards corporate finances, reputation, and the respective brand. On the consumer side, counterfeiting may reduce quality of life and health which sometimes lead to death. Alpha Integra Indonesia will assist you in detection and deterrence of such illegal activities by conducting market surveys, evidence gathering on actors and distribution networks, and coordination with law enforcement authorities when necessary.

Fraud can be defined as an unlawful and intentional manipulation which is aimed at pursuing personal or group interest. Fraudulent activities conducted by insiders are detrimental toward company’s public image, as well as financial and organizational stability. Alpha Integra Indonesia provides assistance in preventing, detecting, and scrutinizing potential risks of fraud.

Investigation on fraud activities and violations of company procedures and regulations, including loss prevention, mystery shopping and whistle blower hotline.

Insurance Claim and Accident Investigations
Business, health and/or life insurance are prone to fraud activities. Our team of analysts and investigators are able to provide information on the eligibility of an insurance claim by gathering all facts and available evidence required for you to accept or deny an insurance claim.

Alpha Integra Indonesia’s professional trainers are dedicated to support organizations coming from every sector; business, industry, and government. We provide various training and advisory services in the field of human resource management, occupational safety and health, fraud awareness, investigation and security.